Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Before and After and More!

So the other day I was meeting with a client and she asked if I would be willing to send some before and after's of my pictures. until then I hadn't thought of it but I am sure lots of other clients would be interested in seeing these as well. sooo I decided to throw some up on the blog for you guys and give my wedding advice.. not that anyone asked for it but it's just my opinion from the photographers point of view... but first thing's first! here are some of the very favorites before and afters

I try to shoot so that I don't have to do much editing. I don't usually care for all the crazy filters. I just want my pictures to look clean. so usually I just do some sharpening, a little color boost, maybe throw some black and white on there

once in a while if I'm getting the right vibe I'll add a little 70's effect :)

of course if a client wants something special I can definitely do it for them. but in general I like to keep it really simple!

which brings me to my next subject. picking a photographer... when picking a photographer (especially for your wedding) make sure to do a little research, check out their facebook page or read their blog. get a sense of their style and personality. find someone you think you will get along with and be able to talk to and be comfortable around. aaaand of course someone that you know will produce photos you will love.

now... just a few suggestions for the actual wedding day. please please please give your photographer enough time!! I cannot stress this enough! one way to do this is to consider doing a First Look.. I'll let the fabulous Jasmine Star explain it because I just can't do it like she does :) but basically it's when the bride and groom opt to see each other BEFORE the ceremony.. click on the link to read more. I personally think it's an awesome idea. but regardless if you do it or not just make sure there is lots of time between the ceremony and the reception so the photographer can get group pictures, pictures of the bride and groom, family pictures, pictures of the details at the reception... yeah and the list goes on...

now I know you're probably upset cause I haven't blogged in a while and this is kind of a lame way to redeem myself.. but I have been super busy and I promise I will be blogging about 5 shoots here pretty quick. so check back soon! also.. here is my e-mail if anyone needs to get a hold of me to set something up :)

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