Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brittney and Jace-Styling Your Shoot

Jace and I went to school together and even though Brittney and I haven't spent much time together I feel like we are old friends. I gave away a shoot a while back on my facebook page and boy am I glad these two won! :) they braved the cold and rocked out this session like no one else could! part of the reason their pictures turned out so well is because Brittney and I took the time to talk a little bit and plan, so Hannah and I could style the shoot. Brittney and Jace love being outside and reading so we incorporated that into the session. Jace even found us an awesome location.
Seriously, if you haven't thought about styling your sessions you really should. please please please people! do something that tells a story and makes your pictures personal.
now styling your shoot is not a necessity buuut if you do it you will get pictures like this

Friday, January 21, 2011

Catch up.. Ketchup... What?

Just thought I would catch you up on what we have been up to. :)
I'll make it short and sweet though
Like I said in the last post.. I have been getting busy.. which Eden does not like

But she LOVED Christmas

especially the tasty ornaments... wait.. those are definitely not for eating.. oops

and loved all her fun new presents
like her alphabet books

and her ball pit!

and of course... her panda pillow!

My mom's friend Kim came to visit last weekend and introduced Eden to art

this will be a little rudolph picture for christmas next year when Kim is all done with it :)

this is Eden asking for more paint on her hand

this is Eden after we told her we were all done

Kim made us Tikka Masala... yummm

like I said Kim introduced Eden to painting.. and then she gave us this great idea to mix milk and food coloring to paint our toast :) we tried it out today and needless to say Eden loved loved loved it!

that's all for now guys!

**keep in mind these pictures are all SOOC.. I haven't had the time to go through and edit them all... so go easy on me :)

Mark and Megan E-Session

Um.. happy new year?? haha! I promise guys... my new years resolution is to get on top of this blog!! anyway... things have been getting busier for me and it's super exciting! My wonderful sister/best friend has kind of taken on the roll of my assistant and second shooter. back in November we had the chance to go to Madison and meet Megan and Mark for their engagement shoot. It was soo much fun! Megan and Mark are so funny and kept us laughing the whole time! We are totally stoked for their wedding this fall! here are some of the favorites from their shoot.

love Meg's bling