Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Skin..

summer is coming to an end.. the days are getting shorter.. and cooler (kind of)..
it went by waaay too fast!
hannah's wedding is in three weeks... yup.. only.three.weeks...... yikes.
so those next three weeks are going to be a huge blur.. i don't know if i'll be getting around to blogging until after the wedding so i thought i'd better get on and post a few pictures to tide you over until then. i've been keeping a fairly busy. working on that book list i posted a while back.. hanging out with eden-baby.. going to the zoo.. watching Lost :)... booking shoots.. spending time with my awesome family.... you know the usual..

this little goat was trying to eat my hair at the zoo


me and eden went to visit steve in lacrosse this past week and we went out to eat at this uh-mazing italian place! stephen begged that i not take my "nerd bag" aka my giant camera bag into the restaurant this time... soo i didn't... which is a huge bummer because i wish i could show you pictures of the food so you could try to imagine just how delicious it was... instead you'll have to deal with pictures of my left overs (chicken carbonara.. spinach, sun dried tomatoes, bacon?? yes please) is it wrong to eat pasta at 9:30 in the morning? if so i don't want to be right!

the brothers were home this weekend. so eden got to hang with her super cool cousin elias. they played in the water and ate ice cream and had loads of fun. they are the two coolest kids i have ever met... hands down.

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