Monday, August 30, 2010

Overwhelmed to Excited in 1 hour...

So Jasmine Star (aka my idol) did a free workshop live online. it was 5 days long and she actually taught how to shoot a (real) wedding live for anyone and everyone one to see. it was to say the least amazing. i was feeling so cool taking notes and gaining all this valuable knowledge... then i watched jasmine shoot... and i seriously almost had a panic attack. i started feeling sooo ill prepared for my upcoming wedding in October. i seriously almost had a break down. my chest was tight i couldn't breathe it was awful! i thought "i will never be able to do this like she does" i felt sooo defeated. and to make matters worse i had to do a family shoot yesterday right in the middle of my break down! but then i got to the park, i met this amazing family, and i remembered everything jasmine taught me. and ya know what? the Keyes family and i rocked it out! so thanks to them and Jasmine for rebuilding my confidence and getting me excited to shoot again! :) here is a tiny preview. i will do a whole post on this wonderful group of people once i have all the pictures edited.

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