Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flab to Fab... or How I Got My Life Back... or How I Lost 40 lbs..

ok... so this post is probably going to kill me.... i knew i needed to talk about it sooner or later... but i've been putting it off...
i had a long post written out explaining how this extra weight came to be and how i found hope and lost it all. but i'll just give you the short version.
i had a baby.
i couldn't stick to any calorie counting diet.
i couldn't lose any weight doing my moms aerobics tapes.
i ate a lot of comfort food.
i. was. miserable.
my relationships were all suffering because i was angry and mean and sad.
i started working out and eating clean and did my hair stylist's magic diet
and in six months i have lost a total of 40 pounds

now... i can't believe i'm even putting this picture on because it makes me sick to look at it... blah. but it has to be done. the after picture is from july and i have actually lost another 10 pounds since then. juuust so you know : )

aggghhh! it's painful to look at

but man

it is good to be back!

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  1. You are so sexy my love!!! And you always were:) But I am so happy that you feel good about yourself again, I am so very proud of you:) Can't wait to see your tiny little body in December!

    Ps those few photos of that family are amazing, and I think for my moms bday/ christmas present Im going to see if my dad would like to help me pay for a family photo opt, with you as our photographer...obviously:)