Friday, February 19, 2010

i can tell that we are gonna be friends


simple as that. i LOOOVE it.
i love waking up and listening to beetlejuice jibber jabber in her baby language about the dreams she had the night before. i love feeding each other cheerios. i love watching kung fu panda over and over and over again. i love snuggling up together for nap time. i love dancing together. i love having my own personal model available every day :) i love having someone that always loves me no matter what, someone who thinks i am flawless, someone who is always happy to see me, someone who always makes me smile.
i can't wait to have tea parties, and play dress up, and go shopping, and dream together, and travel together, and stay up late to watch old movies and gorge ourselves on ice cream, and cook together, and have secrets, and go to the beach, and write stories together.

this is my little bug

this is the little girl who changed my whole life

we will rest upon the ground
and look at all the bugs we've found
-the white stripes

1 comment:

  1. you are already writing stories together..I truly love being witness to mother and child, Chloe Ann and Eden Grace....Thank you both! I love you!!