Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hannah and Rob's Wedding + Eden-Baby

My big sister is now a wife... how weird is that?!?! it was such a beautiful day! hannah was just gorgeous i wish i had taken more pictures but the day was just so very busy that i didn't get very many.
i am so happy for hannah and rob! i can not imagine a more perfect couple. you guys are amazing! congrats! wish you many many years of happiness! now hurry up and make eden a cousin :]

we drank lots and lots of coffee!!!

my sister in law Jess of Little Dandelion Studios made this beautiful flower pin for hannah's hair

Eli looked so cute in his little suit! he even wanted to do his own hair. what a little man!

like i said i wish i had gotten more pictures.. it really is a shame the whole thing was just beautiful! my mother did an amazing job. she seriously should be a wedding planner/decorator/coordinator! hannah's photographer is wonderful though and i'm sure she captured the day just wonderfully i will make sure to post a link once she puts pictures up on her blog.

today was an awesome overcast kind of day... my favorite for shooting! so i made eden put on a cute outfit and head outside with me she is such a ham!

knee high socks are the best!

this is typical eden- yelling in her crazy baby language that resembles japanese.. she's so silly

my little flower child :] love her

i have to end with these two... they are not "artistic" or "creative" or "technically great" but this is eden... running around, barely holding still for a picture, being completely adorable
i could not love her more! i am so lucky to be her mother!

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