Friday, July 30, 2010

The Mueller Fam

this past weekend i had the pleasure of taking pictures of our long time family friends. I have known them forever.. no seriously.. Kim practically caught me on my day of birth. and me and ethan were the best of buds and swore we would always be best friends and live in house boats next to each other when we grew up. it was so much fun hanging out and taking pictures of them. i could not love this family anymore!

they are such a good looking family

Kim is one of the most beautiful people i know.. inside and out! she is so genuine and always a joy to be around. she is always doing things for others. i just love this picture of her

i wish i could tell you why everyone is laughing.. :) i can't take any credit for the smiles though. it was all ethan... or maybe it was all ron...

I "fixed" this one for kim :) she'll know what i mean

I really enjoy this one. Ethan was lovin it

and of course I have to end this post with a few throwback photos :)

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  1. I just cannot get enough of that picture with your belly and Sawyer's boots! Very nice job on the photos of the Muellers though. Can you come take a family portrait of us sometime? -- Michele