Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hannah + Andy = hearts 4evaaaa

hahaha creative title eh? i'm sure hannah will enjoy that one.
the other day i had the pleasure of taking pictures of my friend Hannah and her boyfriend Andy. they really did it as a favor to me because i was dyeing to do an engagement session so no. they aren't really engaged. but that is the category i'm putting this post under. and who knows... maybe someday.. in the future.. i'll be shooting their real life engagement photos :).. ok ok i'm done!!
they were sooo much fun to shoot! Andy was totally into it and had all of his own ideas which was awesome! i love that! and i love the way they interacted with each other. i could really tell how much they love one another. they are absolutely adorable together! ok that's enough rambling here's the pictures.

this next one if for Andy

Andy insisted Hannah climb on this rickety old fence.. it's ok though he was steadying the fence with his hands.. no big deal

i just loooooove this next series!!

Andy's horse... er i mean dog Boomer is probably the cutest thing ever!

thank you guys so much for being my little models and being awesome at it! :) i had a great time!

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