Monday, April 12, 2010

A Very Merry Un-Birthday

Eden is officially one year old..
it's exciting
and it breaks my heart at the same time
I don't really want her to get any bigger.
I just want her to stay little forever

ohh anyways we had a big ol party for the little munchkin
it was super fun!
unfortunately my camera started acting up in the middle of the party so I only got half a party's worth of pictures.

during breakfast we made her wear this skull cap so she wouldn't get egg in her hair before her guests got to the house. what do you think? does she look pretty tough or what?

can you guess what the theme was???
I'll give you a hint I bought Eden Alice in Wonderland on dvd for part of her present

I'm sorry everyone but I have the cutest/prettiest baby ever. I know, I know, that sounds conceited but I was always taught to tell the truth. and really can anyone argue with me? I mean look at that little face!

probably should have kept that skull cap on her huh?

well that's it for now.
me and my mother just got Julia Child's The Way To Cook on dvd so be expecting lots of fun cooking posts.


  1. Oh my goodness Chloe, she is just so gorgeous! It looked like a beautiful party. She's so lucky to have such a wonderful mumma who loves her so very much.

  2. CHloe, YOur pictures are amazing and so is your daughter! I am so in love with her!